Director’s Notes – Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt

denialHave you ever heard a funny noise in your car and when you take it to the mechanic the noise goes away?  What does the mechanic always say?  “I can’t fix the problem unless I can reproduce it” What he’s really saying is “Until I can identify what the problem is, I can’t fix it”.

Think how time consuming and inconvenient it is to have to keep going back time and time again until your car finally decides to reveal to him what is really wrong with it.  This is what living in denial is like.  Every time God sends a heavenly mechanic your way to help fix your problems, denial hides the problem and the blessing passes right by.  Think of how many people are out there ready to help provide information, and inspiration to you but stay silent because they don’t even know you need it.

Whenever we are in denial it allows us to play Houdini with our problems.  It allows us to create the illusion that issues don’t exist when they really do.  Denial teaches us to avoid the truth, rationalize the wrong and minimize the obvious.   Examine your life, identify your problems and don’t be ashamed of them.  The quicker you identify what your issues are the sooner you can be on your way to solving them.

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