Director’s Notes – The Thing About Your “Haters”…


If you spent any amount of time on social media, you’ve probably seen someone post a status update addressed to their “haters”. It usually doesn’t address anyone by name, but is simply directed at “all of those people” who want to see someone fail. Usually, the person writing the post goes through several clichés such as:

     Just want to thank my haters for the motivation.

     Just accomplished another goal. Hi Haters!

     All these haters don’t want to see me shine!

Here’s the thing about your “haters” though; if you ignore them, you have more time to focus on your craft. Do you ever see star basketball players spending the entire game addressing the opposing team’s fans that boo him? Have you ever seen a comedian spend their entire show addressing a heckler in the front row?  Of course not. The ball player is too busy trying to help his team win. The comedian is too busy trying to make the crowd laugh.

What you feed, grows. If you continue to practice and perfect your craft, you’ll become better. If you continue to stop and address “haters”, chances are they’ll eventually be the only thing you see.

Anyone who has accomplished anything in life can tell you that “haters” will come. If you don’t have any, you’re probably not accomplishing anything. Understand today that kings don’t step off of their chariots to address peasants throwing tomatoes. They just keep going towards their destination and ignore the “haters”.

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