Director’s Note – Find Joy In The Success of Others

stock-footage-multi-ethnic-young-couples-have-fun-at-city-cocktail-party-dressed-in-black-shot-on-red-epic-kHappiness is a choice. Once you make up your mind to be happy, you are. For some it may be a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s entirely true. It seems to be common for us to give credit to things outside of ourselves for creating or destroying our happiness. “He makes me so happy” or “He makes me so mad” are examples of familiar phrases that are thrown around on a daily basis without thought. In reality, actions from outside forces are not responsible for our feelings; our thoughts are.

Understanding this fact is critical to understanding why sometimes it’s so hard for people to be genuinely happy for others. If we believe that our happiness is based on external forces acting upon us, then it’s difficult for us to be happy for another person. For example, when a friend gets a promotion, what does that do for us? Are we getting some of the money they’ll get for their raise? Will we get the new responsibilities that come with the new job? Will we get the new bigger office? When we believe that we are only happy when someone or something else acts upon us, there’s no way we can revel in someone else’s success. When the next person’s accomplishments don’t directly impact our lives, the only way we can be happy for them is by choosing to be happy.

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The false belief that we are not responsible for our own happiness not only requires us to relinquish the power we have over our own lives, but it also reduces the possibility that others will find happiness in the successes we experience. We attract like forces in our lives. If we are kind, we attract grace. If we are giving, we attract abundance. However, if we are cruel, we attract hardship. If we are harsh, we attract criticism. For others to be happy for us, we must first practice being happy for others. In order to get a blessing, we must first BE a blessing.

Take the initiative today to find genuine happiness in the success of others around you today.


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