Director’s Notes – That Year ‘Round Cheer

full-calendarThere is perhaps no moment that takes us through as many emotional as the last two months of year.  We go from a season of thankfulness and fellowship, to a season of giving and gratitude, and finally to a season of reflection and new beginnings all within a furious 40 day stretch?  Whoever decided to pack this many holidays in such a small corner of the calendar must have been a special kind of crazy.  And after all those seasonal celebrations finish wreaking havoc on our lives, that’s exactly how we end up feeling- a special kind of crazy.

But as hectic as this time of year can get, if you somehow manage to capture the true essence of what the holidays were intended to be, those last two months of the year can end up becoming a truly magical affair.  Just imagine what good can come from a truly thankful heart, a truly giving spirit and a truly resolute mind.  In fact, those three attributes aren’t bad standards to live by- not just for a 40 day span but for the entire year.

Now that the holiday season is finally over, don’t leave the benefits of holiday cheer stranded on back end of a calendar.  Realize that life is too short to have assigned time frames for when you choose to set new goals, give thanks for the blessings bestowed and give freely to the ones you love.

We at The Board of Directors would like to wish all our supporters a Happy New Year and remind everyone that happiness is a 365 day adventure.


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