Director’s Notes – Summertime and the Kiddos

The season of longer sunny days and picnics with bugs has arrived. If you have kids, you also know it’s the time of the year to keep them busy and focused. The easy way is to simply sit them in front of the TV with a video game and feed them unhealthy snacks, but what a wealth of experience they will miss out on.

So here are a few tips to keep them productively busy throughout these summer months.

-The Park
It’s basic, but the potential can lead to very happy times for all involved. Play a game that involves moving around with them (yes, you will need to play with them). Dodgeball, tag, soccer, or even a water balloon fight. If you’re really ambitious, invite others and play a game of kickball. Create memories for your kids and yourself. Your time with them is far more valuable to them than time spent at some camp.

-The Kitchen
Once a week make a family meal. Make it an inexpensive, healthy meal. Allow them to be involved with the entire process, not just turning the oven on. Show them how to slice items and discuss the importance of cleaning the meat and how to season it correctly. Talk about the advantages of the healthy choices. Anything you do will empower your kids and create a more stable responsible person. You’re teaching them how to be independent and survive on their own.

-The Pool
Summertime heat and a cool pool or lake. Self-explanatory.

-The Living Room
For those who just can’t deal with being outside, there’s hope for you as well. All you need is an hour and a board game. Designate a day, not family meal day, and make that the day of board games. Your kids will be waiting at the door for you with the game in their hand.

-Go do Something With Them You’ve Never Done Before
Do it in their presence. Allow your kids to see their superhero in an uncomfortable position. Let them see you fail and get back up, laugh about enjoying the process of learning something new together. You will tap into their sense of fear. Witnessing you overcoming your fears will help them attain the courage to try and not be afraid to not achieve it the first time.

Those homework problems you leave for them to do (yep they should be doing that over the summer also) are not as big to a child when they know they are going to have fun when you arrive back home. Take the time this summer to go and rediscover your kids by rediscovering the kid in you. Work hard, play hard. It’ll bring you balance, balance brings you happiness, happiness awaits…

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