Director’s Notes – Overnight Success

It’s been 365 days. You’ve watered the seed, fertilized the soil, given it getting plenty of sunshine, and not a single sprout has come from the ground. You were told it would take 5 years to see anything, but to see no signs of growth has been very disappointing. The goal is 5 years, so you continue the process for another year constantly checking the results. At the end of the second year, all you have is fertile soil to show for your efforts. “I’ll see something soon,” you reason with yourself. You faithfully continue another year of watering, fertilizing, and giving it sunshine.  Still nothing. Year 4, nothing. Year 5, your faith is finally rewarded. You witness fertile soil turn into an 80-foot bamboo tree in just 6 weeks! Patience, persistence, and faith. You need them all when you’re accomplishing your dream. Just as the bamboo tree showed no signs of growth for the eye to see, your dreams will be the same to others. You will be doing the work, watering, fertilizing, and giving your dream sunshine, yet the results may go unseen. Our patience wears thin, our persistence wanes, we allow too much shade in our life, and our dream dies. We too often equate growth to what can be seen and the external measures in life. Growth in life happens behind the scenes. Over those 5 years that bamboo tree didn’t show any results, growth happened below the surface. Over those 5 years the bamboo tree was growing the roots needed to be able to support the explosion of growth of 80 feet in 6 weeks, your dream takes on the same process. The growth of yourself, experiences, and knowledge of your industry are all the roots which need watering, fertilizing and sunshine to grow. When you are properly prepared, what was years in the making for you appears to others as an overnight success.

Be the bamboo tree.

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