Director’s Notes – The Fortress

23 times, 23 armies had suffered defeat trying to conquer Rome’s Constantinople, the city that was home to the Roman Emperor Constantine. At the age of 21, Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman’s decided that he would be the one to fulfill the prophecy of a king conquering Constantinople. He led his army and navy to the city and took it, but not without setbacks, failures, and some disappointments. You don’t push forward to make history without having the mental fortitude to defeat the barriers to your goals. What is your Constantinople?

Begin your quest to your personal greatness knowing that your siege will be met with resistance. Well thought out plans only work as precisely as you planned under perfect conditions. Life isn’t about perfection, it’s about persistence. Sultan Mehmed II had a 2 mile strip of land cut down, then dragged his naval ships across that freshly cut terrain as a surprise attack, only to watch that plan fail. He sent wave after wave of troops only to watch them be decimated. When his teacher advised him to offer a truce, Mehmed ignored him because he believed in his destiny and sent in his last wave of troops. He led the last charge himself, conquering Constantinople, and beginning the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

You too must continue, and when all seems lost your mentality has to be one of “at all costs I will accomplish my dream.” You have to have the mental fortitude to take the fortress by force.

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