Episode 151 – 2022 Bracket Challenge with Danny Foxworth

We’re baaaaaaack!* It’s March so you already know what time it is. Once again we break down a bracket of our own, and this year we’re doing singles produced in the 90s by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis vs Teddy Riley. As always, we have a 3rd party sit down to discuss with us and who better than friend of the podcast Danny Foxworth to be a tie breaker!

Some of us have listened to all of the songs in the bracket, while others… not so much. There’s some interesting matchups and we find out what might be assumed about one of us may not be true at all. Download your own copy of the tourney bracket HERE!

*Possibly just for a moment.

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The Board Meeting
The Board Meeting
Episode 151 - 2022 Bracket Challenge with Danny Foxworth

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