Episode 99 – Side Note with Preach Jacobs


Our conversations are generally pretty random and loosely related, but when you add a chaotic third element things get WILD!! On episode 99 we’re joined by MC/Host/Writer/Black History Aficionado/Impersonator/DJ for #TBM100 Preach Jacobs!

We had questions, and we asked some of them, but in the end we just let the conversion flow and followed it down some very interesting paths. From Charles Barkley stealing kid’s playing cards to revolutionary sneakers, we can honestly say there’s never been an episode of #TheBoardMeeting quite like this one. We must warn you, don’t let your kids listen to this! Unless you’re the type of parent who would let your 11 year old listen to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…

Check Preach out as he DJ’s for #TBM100 by getting your tickets at http://tbm100.eventbrite.com

Check out his recent in the Free Times: On Colin Kaepernick, Betsy Ross’ Flag and Being Black on July 4

Check out his upcoming event at the Nickelodeon Theater: Super Soul Sinema

The Board Meeting
The Board Meeting
Episode 99 - Side Note with Preach Jacobs

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